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Different Methods Used In Carpet Cleaning


Seasoned carpet cleaning companies are using different cleaning techniques to clean carpets. It is vitally important to know a bit more about these techniques so by that, you can get to choose which one suits best to your requirements. Here's a quick overview of some of the most used methods. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the carpet cleaning in orange county.


Number 1. Steam Cleaning


It's also referred to wet cleaning or hot water extraction. This is perhaps the most popular technique used by these professionals. So how does this work? Well, hot water is injected into carpet under high pressure and after 10 to 15 minutes, a vacuum is used to suck it out together with the dirt. The major benefits of this approach are that it is eliminating grime deep down and allowing the use of different chemical concentrates.


Number 2. Dry Cleaning


In this method, it is using chemical cleaning solutions in extracting dirt from carpets. As a matter of fact, there are a couple types of dry cleaning and these are dry compounds and dry foam. In dry compound, powder mixed in different solvents and spread across the carpet. After that, a machine will brush it into the carpet fibers to be able to be absorbed by the dirt. Dry foam on the other hand are what professionals call as rotary shampoo method. What this mean is, a shampoo is applied to carpet to be able to suspend dirt. Again, a machine fitted with counter rotating brushes works its way into fibers. In the end, the shampoo and all dirt will be extracted by vacuum. If you are interested in carpet cleaning mission viejo , please click the link provided. 


Number 3. Bonnet Cleaning


In this method, it is otherwise called as cleaning with absorbent pad. It'll need vacuuming of the carpet in the very beginning. A chemical solution will be sprayed all over and then, left to stay just like that for a bit of time. In following steps, the bonnet or absorbent pad will be placed on special floor machine which spins over the carpet's surface. The action is aiming to ensure that the chemical solution will get into the carpet's fibers. Bonnet cleaning is relatively fast and cheap method. What seems to be the downside of such is that, it is only capable of cleaning top carpet fibers and can't reach deeper levels.


Depending on the materials that your carpet has as well as the degree of dirt in it, professionals will apply any of the said cleaning methods.